ZenithOptimedia is the first to buy print ads programmatically

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The ROI agency ZenithOptimedia is the first in the Czech Republic to buy print ads programmatically using the R2B2 platform. They bought a full-page ad in Ego!, a Czech magazine published by Economia.

R2B2 has been working on the development of their platforms for the last year. “We cover procedural, contractual, and even sales aspects and bring the offers together in one place. This allows buyers to get a good overview and save. We are capable of offering a number of sales models, but only two of them are publicly available so far – the classic auction and ‘buy now’,” describes Stanislav Mottl from R2B2.

Mottl also unveiled further plans for programmatic print ads: “We are currently putting the finishing touches on our integration with Adform and preparing for two more phases of development. In the first phase we will focus on standardizing the print materials for publishers. From a long-term perspective we consider this to be inevitable, but given the somewhat conservative environment, it requires a cautious approach. In the second phase we would like to link the platform with unified metrics and their conversions that take affinity into account.”

Several Czech publishers are already involved in the project, and negotiations with others are in progress. For publishers, the existence of a local solution provides an opportunity to prepare for future universal advertising automation and enter this growing industry. “Everyone will focus on the Internet and its potential, but print media obviously won’t disappear,” adds Mottl.

“ZenithOptimedia and our performance marketing division Performics have been online in the Czech Republic since the beginning of programmatic buying. We expect that over time programmatic ad space buying will apply to more than just the online environment, and once again we want to be there. We want to be prepared. The added value of this system of buying is limited at the moment. However, the development of the environment will both streamline processes and bring about a qualitative shift in buying your own ad space, especially once the platform is connected to data about readership. Then there will be much more flexibility when comparing price vs. performance, leading to more effective spending for our clients,” says Petr Lágner, sales director of the media agency Zenith Optimedia.

David Voráček, advertising director of the publisher Economia explains: “The use of various types of platforms will increasingly gain in importance. Programmatic can offer media houses a more efficient way to sell their ad space and advertisers simplified buying and better targeting of potential customers. I am glad that the company Economia a.s. is at the forefront of technological advances in the Czech Republic, just as programmatic sales are.”

R2B2 also specializes in programmatic for television, OOH, native advertising, providing data, and advertising innovation. On 24 May 2016 R2B2 held the first programmatic meeting in the Czech Republic – Programmatic Day.