The First Step Toward Multiscreen Advertising – R2B2 Hits 10 Million Screens in the Czech Republic

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R2B2 has introduced a new approach to programmatic ad buying called R2B2 Multiscreen. Using the latest technology, they connect to more than 10 million screens in the Czech Republic and make it possible to reach 90% of the online population plus approximately 2 million TV viewers.

R2B2’s ad technology allows advertisers to reach a substantial part of the Czech population from just one place, and that combined with all of the great options that come with modern programmatic. They’ve introduced the keystone of ad campaigns with the new multiscreen approach. “New doors have been opened to advertisers. Now, using a single platform, they can advertise on screens of all sizes. It’s brand new and interactive”, says Martin Čelikovský, owner of R2B2.

R2B2 Multiscreen was developed in response to the broad demand for a universal method of advertising in a digital age in which, according to a study conducted by Google, 90% of all media consumption occurs in front of a screen. “Prominent publishers and TV stations have helped us create a unified advertising ecosystem. We also focus largely on standardization which, although it may lengthen the initial phase, will bring a return on investment in the form of maximum comfort for advertisers”, says František Bauma, R2B2’s director of product development.

The system utilizes an auction model to ensure optimal and equal conditions for buying ad placements. The campaign can be tracked from the very start, and thanks to advanced analytics, it is possible to continuously optimize the campaign both manually and automatically.

This technology, developed in cooperation with leading innovators, has been designed to deliver savings on the procedural and business levels and to make room for new creative concepts in ad campaigns. “Showing these kinds of ads on TV screens is something totally new and results show that they do an excellent job of getting the audience’s attention. Thanks to the HbbTV standard they are based on, we can bring interactivity, analytics, and other advantages to TV”, says Lukáš Hnilička, CEO of Hybrid, which provides the TV part of the system.

R2B2 Multiscreen is available through the Adform DSP, which is already being used to buy ads for every type of screen targeted by prominent advertisers, including companies such as KKCG, Vodafone, Hornbach, Česká spořitelna, KFC, and “Using just one platform, clients can set up campaigns and buy placements for several devices at once (here a banner or native ad, elsewhere a video, skin, or interactive TV format). And that’s not all! Thanks to cross-device solutions the client always has an overview of unique hits, can control the universal capping (frequency / number of impressions per user), and adapt the output to a particular user. Thus, the technology is ready for further development in automation planning and trading, but for successful multiscreen campaigns it’s important that advertisers and creative agencies reflect the new options from the very beginning, when planning campaign concepts and strategies”, says Zuzana Neupauerová, Platform Solutions Manager at Adform.

The greatest accomplishment of this cooperation has been the unique interplay of media and technology partners. “It’s the first time anyone in the Czech Republic has established an advertising network with such an extensive reach and such a range of options. Everyone expects that the screen penetration will continue to grow. The vast majority of new TVs already have HbbTV. It’s practically a given that phones, tablets, and computers are connected. And what’s more, we’ll soon have all other connected screens covered, including those in transportation areas, shopping centers, and even on watches. The value that automated advertising brings to businesses, also thanks to multiscreen, grows every day”, estimates Martin Čelikovský.

R2B2 is an independent Czech company dedicated to automating ad placements using their own technology. In recent years, they have established themselves on the Czech market through the introduction of new solutions and formats for programmatic advertising. R2B2 organizes the conference Programmatic Day.