Standardized branded skins are ready for direct sale

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In the past R2B2’s standardized branded skins could only be bought programmatically, but now these premium ad spaces can be bought directly as well. The first company to try direct buying via the Adform DSP was the digital agency RedMedia.

Standardized branded skins are ready for direct sale

It’s very efficient to create skins according to standardized templates because it eliminates the need to modify the creative for each individual website, thus lowering production costs. The ad is a banner measuring 2,000 x 1,400 pixels which is inserted as a background surrounding the website content. The format is a classic static image or HTML5 of up to 250kB. These skins can be bought through the same DSP as the rest of the campaign.

As of August 1, we also offer Dual Layer R2B2 Skins in HTML5 on the Adform DSP. What’s different about the dual layer skins is their appearance.

“The new skins behave differently on websites. Unlike the standard skins, their appearance can change while scrolling,” says Stanislav Mottl, manager at R2B2.

Thanks to the new skins you can quickly and creatively add various animated effects that will visually attract potential customers. This allows advertisers to give their campaigns a whole new dimension.

Mottl reveals yet another development: “Also, skins will soon be complemented by further data to expand targeting capabilities, including unmasking websites.”

R2B2 deals systematically with innovation in the programmatic advertising industry across all media types. They have introduced native advertising to the Czech market and run the first platform in the Czech Republic to sell print advertisements programmatically. They also focus on the use of programmatic on television and in OOH environments.