RTB Index – March 2017

, RTB Index

The month of March 2017 ushered in spring growth in advertising investment, which was reflected in the performance and average prices in RTB. The average CPM fluctuated at around 3,07 €. In comparison to February 2017, that’s a 20% increase (the CPM in February was 2,56 €).

RTB Index – March 2017

For the selected formats, the CPM remained more stable with only a slight change in price from February. Only the prices of Videos rose significantly, as R2B2 had predicted earlier, on average 6,44 € CPM, which was a 14% increase from February.

Unlike the CPM, the CTR varied greatly between formats. Both styles of Skins, mobile and classic, recorded a significant decline from February. To be precise, Mobile Skins dropped to a 1.21% CTR and classic Programmatic Skins to 1.42%. The CTR for Native Ads increased considerably, by 30% to reach 0.46%. Since the CPM for Native Ads remained the same, this format has become more efficient, resulting in a lower CPC of 0,42 € on average. A similar development occurred with Videos, where the CTR rose by 19% to 1.44%. Despite the higher CPM, CPC prices dropped slightly to 0,45 €.

The CPM for unmasked domains was on average 58% higher across the selected formats compared to domains with R2B2 masks.