RTB Index – July 2017

, RTB Index

Prices of RTB ads continue to drop in the R2B2 network. TV prices are rising.

July brought various fluctuations in RTB advertising across all formats. The average CTR across the network fell by 7% to a final 0.68%. With the drop in performance there was also an 18% drop in prices to a final CPM of €2.35. Both values are in comparison with the previous month.

RTB Index – July 2017

Takeover Skin performance declined to a CTR of 0.95% and the CPM also fell by 16%, in contrast to last month, to €4.08. On the other hand, Mobile Takeover Skins have held on to their high performance, which has even risen to a CTR of 3.68%. Additionally, this format has become less expensive with a decrease in CPM of 17%.

TV Banners on HbbTV are strengthening again after a weak month. Compared to June, the CTR climbed 30% higher to 1.70%. But, in July, the price increased by 26% to a CPM of €21.24.