RTB Index – February 2017

, RTB Index

Every month the R2B2 Index will report the prices of programmatic ads. The table of selected formats, highlighting the trends – rise or fall – of the average prices, shows how the numbers compare to the previous month. Then, in the commentary you’ll find a summary of the most important developments in programmatic pricing.

RTB Index – February 2017

In the second month of 2017 the average CPM in the R2B2 network was approximately 2,56 €. This was an 8% increase over January’s average (2,38 €). Both, however, fluctuated between 20–30% below the peak average of 2016, which was reached in December.

As far as the average CPC, Banners 300×600 and Skins, including Mobile Skins, are still available at good prices. All three formats have prices of around 0,30 €.

The format with the highest CTR is Skins, which is one of the most visible formats. The CTR for Videos has increased, with the average CPC fluctuating at around 0,46 €.

You can get Native ads for a similar CPC. Their CPM fluctuates at a third of the price of Skins or Videos.

The CPM for unmasked domains was on average 63% higher across the selected formats compared to domains with R2B2 masks.