RTB Index – August 2017

, RTB Index

August brought about no major changes in RTB advertising. Native Ads and TV Banners improved.

The average performance across the entire R2B2 Multiscreen network has remained unchanged since July 2017. The average CTR reached 0.68% again. There was only a slight dip in the CPM to €2.27.

RTB Index – August 2017

The fluctuations between different formats were minimal compared to the previous month. The CTR for Mobile Skins and Videos decreased by around 10%.

Native Ads made a sizable leap forward in their performance. Their CTR increased by 42% to 0.60%, resulting in the lowest average CPC, which dropped 28%.

The CTR for TV Banners rose to 2.70%. Compared to July, the average CPM decreased by 5% to €20.12.