RTB Index – April 2017

, RTB Index

ignificant decrease in CPC. Prices for Native Ads have dropped by 20%.

In April, the average prices for programmatic online advertising in the R2B2 network for the Czech and Slovak markets stagnated across the board.

RTB Index – April 2017

Both the CPM and CPC remained at nearly the same level compared to the previous month. The average CPM was €3.14, and the average CPC was €0.32. Overall, the CTR increased by 13%, ending at 0.99%.

The most striking fluctuation among the various formats was in Video advertising whose CTR improved by 92%, finishing at 2.75%. With these results and only a moderate drop in the CPM of 3% to €6.23, the CPC significantly decreased, dropping to half that of the previous month, to an average of €0.23.

The CPM of Native ads dropped by 20% to €1.57. However, the CTR also dropped, to 0.31%, which led to an increase in the CPC averaging €0.51.

The second most effective format on the RTB Index, after video, was Mobile branding whose CTR improved by 30% to 1.6%. The price for this format remained slightly higher than in March at a CPM of €4.89. The CPC fell noticeably from €0.41 to €0.31.