RTB – A guide to the world of modern online advertising

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Real-time bidding has changed the way online advertising is done. Now we have a guide that describes and explains all the options for advertising on the R2B2 ad network.

RTB – A guide to the world of modern online advertising

What RTB is

RTB (real-time bidding) is a way of buying and selling online ad impressions via programmatic instantaneous auction. Sales are automated by online tools that connect advertisers and publishers. Everything happens instantly, in the time it takes the webpage to load. Thus, the RTB sales model is part of programmatic sales.

How to use it

Advertisers can use RTB across the entire Internet. It is possible to advertise on all commonly used screens—computers, mobile devices, tablets, and even TV. The biggest advantages are fast advertising with campaign self-management, the availability of all ad formats, advanced targeting, and real-time campaign statistics and results.

A guide to the world of RTB advertising

Find information on formats, targeting, uses, and more, all in one guide that will clearly and simply explain the possibilities of modern online advertising.