Results of one of the first programmatic HbbTV campaigns far exceeds expectations

, Press releases, one of the largest discount portals in the Czech Republic, ran a branding ad campaign on HbbTV that tested the effect of the new format on user behavior. They chose the first ad format that was available programmatically - the TV banner. The case study was conducted by Adform.

When viewers switched to the TV station ÓČKO, the rectangular banner was displayed at the bottom of the screen where it was visible for 10 seconds. The program continued around the banner without interruption. created a banner offering a discount on the products they have on their portal. Viewers had to go to a special URL created for this campaign and request the discount.

From 100,000 impressions, over 700 viewers visited the microsite. Those are excellent results in light of the fact that viewers had to remember the URL and manually enter it into their browsers. Out of the 700 page views, 17 discount coupons were requested.

The viewability rate of the banner was 85.04%, which is higher than that of any other banner format (according to the Adform Digital Advertising Benchmark Report H1 2015). The viewability rate, in this case, is the percentage of viewers who saw the banner the entire time it was displayed (10 seconds). The average amount of time the banner was seen was 9.67 seconds.

“The statistics we have on HbbTV campaigns show that programmatic advertising on television has huge potential. And since the implementation of this campaign, programmatic on television has become even more advanced. Banners can now include a feature allowing viewers to click through to a micro application, which further increases the number of conversions. We also offer four other formats for television, including two video formats” adds Stanislav Mottl, manager of R2B2.