R2B2 Print Marketplace is now integrated into the Adform platform

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Prague-based R2B2’s experience in programmatic print ad sales has been put to good use in collaboration with Adform, a company involved in online ad sales and their management.

Thanks to the integration of R2B2 Print Marketplace into the Adform platform, customers on the Czech market can now buy ad space in print media programmatically, directly on the platform for automated direct buying (Adform Automated Guaranteed). So, for the first time, it’s possible to buy ads for different types of Czech media in one place. Plus, this integration has also improved the efficiency of ad buying and scheduling.

Print ads are sold on the R2B2 Print Marketplace via classic auctions, where publishers offer ad space to a myriad of advertisers. Advertisers are well informed of the current offers and price levels, making buying and selling a matter of minutes. The undisputed advantage of R2B2’s technology is that all communication with and purchases from various publishing houses can be handled in one place, easily and efficiently.

R2B2’s main print media partners, whose ads can be bought on the platform, include publishing houses such as MAFRA, Economia, and Echo 24.

“The expanded functionality of R2B2 Print Marketplace is advantageous for participants on all sides,” states Stanislav Mottl, Business Development Manager at R2B2, regarding the cooperation between R2B2 and Adform. “For our media partners that offer their space through our platform, the inclusion of Adform greatly expands the group of potential advertisers. And our cooperation is also advantageous for platform users, who can buy both online and print ads in one place.”

“I consider the integration of the Adform platform with R2B2 Print Marketplace to be the next logical step toward unifying the multi-platform world and significantly increasing the efficiency of ad buying and scheduling across media types,” adds Ondřej Bartůněk, manager of Adform Czech Republic’s partner program.

About R2B2

Since 2013, the Czech ad-tech company R2B2 has been dedicated to research, application, and education in the area of programmatic ad sales and related technologies. The company is a full-stack provider of programmatic sales services for advertisers and publishers alike and focuses on development, technological innovation, and the implementation of new ad formats – a number of which are offered by R2B2 exclusively. R2B2 is the advertising division of the company WEBGARDEN.

About Adform

Adform is a Danish ad-tech company that has been in operation for 14 years, with offices throughout Europe and the USA. The company develops platforms for the management and sales of ad space and data for advertisers, as well as platforms for managing online campaigns and programmatic ad buying. Today Adform’s services are used globally by more than 21,000 advertisers, 1,600 agencies, and 800 leading publishers.