R2B2 launches with a new approach to buying video ad space

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Making video advertising available to the public and expanding the availability of so-called programmatic ad buying for the Czech market are the main goals of the new project from the Czech technology company R2B2.

“The new approach responds to market demands, i.e. marketers who increasingly place more and more emphasis on online videos,” says Stanislav Mottl from R2B2. “Planning video ads is becoming noticeably more accessible. The advantage of programmatic video ad buying over two-way deals is the possibility to target and exert full control during the campaign,” states Mottl. R2B2 is expanding the programmatic sale of video ad spaces, even for premium Czech servers such as iDnes.cz, Prima PLAY, and Playtvak.cz.

R2B2 is launching a unique concept for planning and buying video ads. In addition to the standard video servers, campaigns can also include premium Czech servers such as iDnes.cz or Prima PLAY. Now with the expansion of Czech servers there are new outlets available for repeated contact, and not only on Youtube, but also on news and entertainment websites. According to Stanislav Mottl from R2B2, from hundreds of thousands to a million post-rolls are run daily which start at floor prices of, for example, 150 CZK CPM.

“A big advantage is the opportunity to use the targeting methods available from Adform as well as the external data,” says Mottl and adds that video ads can be bought in a classic auction or via so-called private deals. The maximum length for videos is 30 seconds. “Inventory is available through the demand-side platform Adform under the name R2B2 Video (test)”, explains Stanislav Mottl.

Future trends

The new platform R2B2 Video has already been tested by several advertisers who ran their first campaigns. They were pleased with the relatively high CTR, exceeding 4%. “The actual inventory itself is top notch and, what’s more, good CTR and CPC combined with accurate targeting have created excellent conditions for the success of this advertising channel. According to our estimates, the interest in buying video ads programmatically for the Czech market will rise faster than the amount of inventory available,” predicted Mottl. R2B2 expects that prices will stabilize at 300 CZK CPM per post-roll during the autumn months.