R2B2 introduces the largest mobile format and short video ads

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As the Czech programmatic market rises steadily by tens of percent year-on-year, one of its biggest players, the ad tech company R2B2, has responded by expanding its programmatic ad network´s portfolio of formats. For mobile, it has deployed the largest ad format ever, Interscroller. As for video ads, it has added a short, 6-second, unskippable ad called Bumper.

R2B2 introduces the largest mobile format and short video ads

The new mobile format Interscroller, with its size, is the optimum solution for advertisers. Although the format is displayed over almost the entire mobile screen, it is on the website background so the visitor will get a smooth transition, naturally attracting more attention to the ad.

“It is very important for us to offer advertisers formats that allow them to promote their products on large premium spaces. On the other hand, we know that we can’t come out with aggressive formats that would disturb website visitors and pull their attention away from the content. That’s why Interscroller is such an excellent solution as it combines a big banner with a background placement on mobile sites,” says Martin Čelikovský, CEO of R2B2.

Continuing with the idea of less disturbing formats, R2B2 has also supplemented its selection of video ads with a short 6-second ad called Bumper which is unskippable. “Six seconds may seem like a short time, but this option has become very popular with advertisers. Using Bumper, they can tell a story across several ads and be sure that the videos will be played to the end. Short videos are also a plus for viewers, who see less advertising, but with a clear message,” explains Čelikovský. The new video format appears in the video player just as with Instream.

Both of the new formats are available on the R2B2 Multiscreen ad network on a wide selection of websites including the most visited news servers and video archives of publishers such as Mafra and Mladá Fronta and the media agency Impression Media. “We are working on implementing them across all publishers where we already have mobile formats or video ads. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for other publishers who don’t want to have pop-up formats on their mobile sites or long video ads,” says Michal Dvořáček, Publisher Manager for R2B2.

The formats can be bought on the R2B2 Multiscreen network via DSPs such as Adform, Google Marketing Platform (DoubleClick), and AppNexus either in open auctions or through private deals.