R2B2 Improves Its Native Advertising Format

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The Czech ad-tech company R2B2, which develops and administers solutions for programmatic ad buying, has announced improvements to its native advertising format in its network of premium websites.

Native advertising is an unobtrusive style of advertising that more effectively attracts the attention of the target audience. In R2B2’s advertising network it is now possible to blend in with website content and advertise unobtrusively, which makes the ad more acceptable for the target audience. The improvements rest on an adaptation of the concept known as “super native”, which adjusts the ad’s position on the website by selecting the most appropriate image and text.

“Improving the native ads in our network opens the door to great potential. According to research, website visitors see these ads more often, 53% more than display ads. On the US market, they expect that within four years 74% of ad revenue will be generated by native advertising alone,” explains Martin Čelikovský from R2B2.

For advertisers who use this ad format in the R2B2 network, this increases the number of ways to work with ads. Now it is possible to upload three sizes of images and up to ten combinations of texts of different lengths with a single ad. Originally, it was only possible to include two images and one combination of text. These settings enable advertisers to adapt their ads to roughly 97% of the native ad spaces we offer,” adds František Bauma, director of product development at R2B2.

Proof that R2B2 is betting on native advertising isn’t only in its improvements. Last week they announced a connection with the biggest retargeting service provider in the world, Criteo. “For us these are significant steps that push the borders of programmatic. On one hand, we’re creating more attractive ads for advertisers and publishers; on the other hand, we’re making it possible for third parties, in this case Criteo, to get access to premium ad spaces on the Czech Internet,” adds Čelikovský.