R2B2 expands programmatic advertising to television

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Prague based R2B2 has launched the first programmatic television advertising campaign. It’s the first not only in the Czech Republic, but even in continental Europe. The first advertisements on the new programmatic channel have been released by the advertising agency Adexpres. On behalf of the media, the television station Óčko is involved in the project.

The first advertising format currently available programmatically on HbbTV is a horizontal banner ad placed across the bottom of the television screen. The banner appears as an overlay, while the program continues around the banner without interruption.

Inventory is now available through Adform DSP. Up to several hundred thousand impressions are available daily. The company Hybrid takes care of the terrestrial signal distribution and the development of the HbbTV environment.

In 2016 R2B2 will offer more formats. Advertisers will be able to supplement campaigns with mini applications which will run directly on the television screen. They could contain, for example, a video, additional information, or the possibility to obtain leads in the form of telephone numbers. The next step will be to provide programmatic television segmentation.