R2B2 Expands Its Selection of Native Ads for 2020

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R2B2 has expanded its digital ad network to be compatible with new types of native ads. SuperNative ads will continue to be a priority in 2020, and prices will remain unchanged.

R2B2 Expands Its Selection of Native Ads for 2020

Native ads, now an almost mandatory component of the media mix for every major campaign, are sold in a variety of forms in the advertising ecosystem. Unlike ordinary display ads, where the format is usually determined by the ad dimensions, for native ads, a more diverse range of parameters and variations are used.

The R2B2 network now supports the types of native ads used internationally, which are based on the recommendations of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). As a result, it is possible to buy native media space on a wide spectrum of technologies without the advertiser having to modify individual creatives.

This means advertisers can reach customers across various ad networks with a single creative, saving time on native ad campaign management and simplifying result evaluation. A disadvantage of this approach is a possible compromise in the quality of the final appearance of the ads. In praxis, it appears that positions for native ads differ between individual types of media—in a subtle yet significant way. “We virtually never find two identical native placements. They all have leads and headlines of different lengths or accompanying images that differ in shape,” explains ad position expert Jan Schötterl from R2B2.

R2B2, therefore, uses so-called SuperNative ads, which anticipate the variety of native ad positions. “If the advertiser needs uncompromised display quality, use SuperNative,” says Jan Schötterl. SuperNative knows how to select and use the best texts and images for specific ad positions, and it does it automatically. “There are over 500 SuperNative positions on our network, and the advertiser achieves a true native effect for each of them,” adds Jan Schötterl.

Native placements can be bought on the network via open auction or combined with individual terms and conditions between specific advertisers and publishers. The average acquisition costs for native ads have not changed from year to year, even though efficiency, as measured by the CTR, increases from year to year by an average of 7.5%.

What a SuperNative template is and how to make one

It is not necessary to make separate SuperNative creatives for each position—one is enough because it already contains all variability. Making creatives is easy with the R2B2 Native Generator. First, prepare the text and image in three sizes. Then, upload the prepared items to the R2B2 Native Generator and follow the instructions.