R2B2 dramatically increases video inventory

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The first month of operations has proven that getting into the programmatic sales of video advertisements in the Czech Republic was definitely a good move. “Publishers have given programmatic the green light.

In less than a month we went from having hundreds of thousands to having 35 million post-roll auctions per month,” says Stanislav Mottl from the Czech technology company R2B2. By the end of the year R2B2 will offer as many as 70 million auctions per month. And now you can buy all 3 formats. R2B2 has expanded to include pre-roll and mid-roll formats.

New opportunities for more effective marketing include checks during the campaign, high flexibility, and the absence of restrictive commitments. Another important element is the plethora of targeting options. “Thanks to those factors, video advertising isn’t only available to big advertisers but can even be bought in small quantities, and you are able to choose within the units the most relevant audience segment,” explains Stanislav Mottl. As a result, this advertising channel is very advantageous from the perspective of click-throughs (more than 3%) and the final price per click, which is actually a few tenths of a percent better than the alternatives available.

The video inventory for programmatic sales is increasing faster than was expected. This is because of the positive attitudes of the publishers already involved who have released more space for the R2B2 platform, while at the same time involving new titles. “Additionally, we’ve now expanded to pre-roll and mid-roll formats,” shares Stanislav Mottl. This further confirms the fact that programmatic is the right direction for online marketing in the Czech Republic. “Plus, still more publishers are interested in getting involved in programmatic video ad buying, so it’s possible that the amount of space available will grow even faster,” added Mottl.