R2B2 connects global platforms to its network

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The Czech ad tech company R2B2 is expanding its digital ad network to include more global ad tech platforms. To be more specific, it is partnering with AppNexus, ConnectAd, Smart, and Teads.

R2B2 connects global platforms to its network

R2B2’s ad network is expanding to include more ad sources, namely the global platforms AppNexus, ConnectAd, Smart, and Teads. Thus, the number of ad sources connected to the R2B2 network has increased to ten.

“We want the buyers who use these DSPs to be able to get their ads to the R2B2 network. So, now we are expecting that ads from global campaigns will appear there,” says František Bauma from R2B2. Furthermore, the company believes that this move will work to the advantage of publishers as well. “Also, we will be able to help publishers that use our network even more with monetization,” adds Bauma.

The American platform AppNexus is one of the biggest in the world. It recently became part of AT&T, the second largest telecommunications company in the USA. ConnectAd specializes in programmatic advertising for the Alpine-Adriatic market. Smart AdServer is a French platform that started out as the ad server for the French media group AuFeminin before going independent in 2015. Teads is the leader in the field of Internet video ads. It invented the Outstream format.