R2B2 broadens mobile advertising with direct call feature

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Mobile programmatic advertising is available on the mobile versions of premium Czech websites (such as idnes.cz, lidovky.cz, and nova.cz). The dimensions of the creatives are 500x200 pixels. And now R2B2 has broadened their mobile advertising options by including a new feature - Click 2 Call.

The advantages of mobile programmatic advertising include its extensive reach, thanks to its large space for ads (more than ¼ of the screen on a portable device), and the fact that it also maintains contact with the user via the scrolling creative feature. Click 2 Call significantly heightens these advantages and promotes new connections between advertisers and customers.

“Unlike classic ads which link to a website, Click 2 Call ads instead dial a phone number when clicked. This form of mobile advertising adds another dimension and opens new doors for both advertisers and customers,” says Stanislav Mottl, manager at R2B2. “Clicking on the ad dials a phone number that could direct the customer to support, for example.”

Mottl explains: “It’s about simplifying communication, as the customer doesn’t have to look up the number on the website. This feature is most useful for services and products (such as restaurant or hotel reservations and various last minute orders) where a phone conversation converts more than clicking through to a website.”

Creating these ads doesn’t require any special setup. Download a template from R2B2’s website to which you’ll then fill in the phone number and your own creative in the Adform DSP. Mobile skins in combination with Click 2 Call have all the advantages of programmatic, including geotargeting and ad scheduling.

“We believe that the new Click 2 Call feature will increase interaction between advertisers and customers,” says Mottl.

The Czech technology company R2B2 deals systematically with innovation in the programmatic advertising industry across all media types. They offer programmatic native and run the first platform in the Czech Republic to sell print advertisements programmatically. They also focus on the use of programmatic on television and in OOH environments.