R2B2 AYM is a full-featured all-screen solution that expands the header bidding method to HbbTV. It creates a real programmatic multi-screen advertising space, ready for programmatic times.

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What is R2B2 AYM?

R2B2 AYM is a header bidding solution that is fully integrated with HbbTV. It connects demands for programmatic ads with online ad servers using the revolutionary header bidding method. R2B2 AYM has been in operation for nearly two years on eight nationwide stations. It is fully integrated with Adform, the most popular programmatic demand-side platform in Europe, and connected to HbbTV via Hybrid Ads’ ad server.

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Why R2B2 AYM?

Today, programmatic advertising is the biggest driver of the entire marketing industry. It automates processes and distribution, utilizes addressable communication, adjusts pricing and planning, offers features and support for data driven marketing, and most importantly, links advertisers with technology around the entire world.

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Header bidding

The latest cutting-edge method of integration into the programmatic system is called header bidding. This method has brought disruptive impact to the world of programmatic, has streamlined engagement, has influenced pricing, and has opened the ecosystem to further innovations, all over the world.

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Ad formats

By default, it supports five basic ad formats for use both inside HbbTV applications and to overlay linear streams. The formats include videos, banners, a special format called Switchroll, and support for native and structured ads.

Programmatic formats integrated with R2B2 AYM make up over 90% of Czech ad spending on HbbTV with a reach of approximately 20% of households, and their programmatic sales are a hot topic among local experts.

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International award for R2B2 AYM

R2B2 AYM won at the very first prestigious international HbbTV Awards organized by the worldwide association for HbbTV. It took the prize in the category Best Use of HbbTV for Advertising and Promotion. The judges considered R2B2 AYM to be “very innovative” and “an interesting business model”.

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