R2B2 announces a record amount of space for RTB ads, strengthens mobile advertising

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R2B2 offers advertisers 4 billion impressions a month on Czech and Slovak websites. On HbbTV, 300 million impressions a month are available.

R2B2 announces a record amount of space for RTB ads, strengthens mobile advertising

The Prague-based ad tech company has significantly expanded its activities this year, not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia. The result is 4 billion impressions of ad space available for programmatic purchase.

“Expanding our activities in publishing and technology has helped us increase our ad space and reach more users, which is still what’s most important to advertisers,” says Michal Dvořáček, Publisher Manager at R2B2. “This year we’ve started working with some new publishers, both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. These have included organizations such as Czech News Center, Economia, HyperMedia, and the media group Internet SK that operates on the Slovak market. We’ve also added several ad sources to our network, which have made it possible to get ads from global advertisers and campaigns,” adds Dvořáček.

Takeover Skins continue to be the number one format, followed by Banners 300×600 and Native Ads. Together, these formats make up half of all the impressions available on R2B2. As the online ad market continues to develop, it turns out that mobile ads are also becoming more important. In the R2B2 network, mobile’s share of ad space fluctuated at around 20% at the beginning of the year, but by the end of November it was already at 36%. This gradual increase came at the expense of desktop advertising. “Publishers have realized that their media is getting more and more visits from mobile phone users, so they’ve started to adapt their websites for business reasons. For advertisers, this is good news because they can reach increasingly more users with their ad messages, even away from the desktop screen,” says Michal Dvořáček.