R2B2 already has 50 publishers in their programmatic network

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After more than two years in business, R2B2’s digital ad network sells online ads for 50 Czech media groups, TV companies, and smaller publishers. According to the company, this figure will continue to increase.

R2B2 already has 50 publishers in their programmatic network

The R2B2 Multiscreen ad network, which is based on the principal of programmatic ad space purchasing, has already managed to create a portfolio of 385 websites and 11 TV stations. Thus, online ads on the network reach all the main screens, including TV.

The computer is still the number one screen; mobile is available from half of all publishers

For the time being, the computer remains the dominant screen for publishers, with 80% of them monetizing their ad space programmatically via computer. Ad space on mobile screens is available from half of all connected publishers, 52% to be exact. However, CEO Martin Čelikovský is confident that this number will grow: “Here we see great opportunity for further growth. Advertisers already know how to handle a communication mix including mobile traffic, and thus, the popularity of these formats is growing.” He further adds: “This year mobile advertising will be significantly strengthened. According to IAB Europe, mobile made a big contribution to the growth of online advertising last year.”

Figure. Share of publishers offering ad space on the given device in the R2B2 Multiscreen network

From obtrusive ads to native

With current reports on the blocking of obtrusive ads, R2B2 is relying on higher advertiser investment in native ads. According to the company, exactly half of the publishers in their network offer them. According to Martin Čelikovský, the programmatic market is already advanced: “The formats currently available on the Czech market are already strongly represented and, therefore, we don’t expect that new ones will come, especially considering the decision of some entities to restrict aggressive ad formats. That’s why advertisers will increasingly turn to native formats that can be used across screens.”

Figure. Share of publishers offering individual online formats on the R2B2 Multiscreen network

7 years of RTB in the Czech Republic

Real-time bidding in the Czech Republic started with the Czech company iBillboard, who was the first to connect their SSP to foreign markets. Soon thereafter, the most famous European DSP, run by Adform, started to actively operate here. Last year, Seznam, the largest online company in the Czech Republic, entered the world of programmatic at full throttle, and this will be the third year that Czech TV broadcasters, together with Hybrid, have been developing the online purchase of ad space on TV screens.