R2B2: Advertisers Can Confirm Ad Visibility before Buying

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For spring 2020, R2B2 has put together packages for buying high-visibility banners and native ads. The packages have been made based on thorough metrics and ensure that the ads are displayed in the most visible positions. This even applies to native ads, whose metrics are new.

R2B2: Advertisers Can Confirm Ad Visibility before Buying

For some formats, high visibility is the norm due to their appearance or behavior (Takeover Skins, Mobile Skins, Outstream, Instream, and Vignettes). However, R2B2’s portfolio also includes formats whose visibility isn’t guaranteed and that have somewhat complicated metrics, which has seriously limited the opportunities for advertisers to buy visible positions thus far. Although DSPs allow advertisers, to a certain extent, to buy truly visible impressions for most formats, for other formats like native ads that option has been entirely unavailable until now.

Because R2B2 can measure visibility even for native ads, it can sell them in visible positions just as with banners or Interscroller. Thanks to its internal data, based on a long-term systematic analysis of the advertising space, it can offer packages that guarantee visible impressions.

There are six packages in total and each contains one specific format and a specific number of available impressions. Packages with banners and Interscroller guarantee an average visibility of up to 81%. For native ads it is 67%. Packages also differ in the number of positions offered. R2B2 started offering packages on March 3, 2020.

For more information, please, contact us at Email: petr.kotlik@r2b2.cz