R2B2 adds video advertisements to articles

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R2B2 again earns its reputation as the largest Czech programmatic innovator by introducing a new programmatic advertising format in cooperation with Adform.

In this advertising format, a video player appears while the consumer is reading the article and plays the ad directly in the body of the text. Once the ad has finished the entire player closes. “This advertising format is called Outstream and we introduced it to the Czech market to meet the ever growing demand for video ad formats. The Czech video inventory, which has been small up to this point, is thus greatly expanding. Outstream is after pre-roll, skins, and HbbTV yet another format that our company has introduced to the market,” says Stanislav Mottl, manager at R2B2.

Outstream advertising on Czech domains is primarily available through the Adform demand-side platform as inventory of R2B2 Videos & Skins. Advertisers can use the same versions of ads as they would for purchasing pre-rolls. Additionally, the advertiser has the option to only target the outstream position or, conversely, to leave it out.

“Adform Outstream in-view video ads are mainly characterized by the simplicity of their online deployment and the ease of their purchase. The format is especially suitable for content-heavy websites and is played only when positioned in-screen. The consumer has the option to skip the ad at any time. And of course, the advertiser can get a report of all interactions, including how long the ad played,” adds Ondřej Bartůněk from Adform.

The first ad spots available are on the websites belonging to Mafra and Prima. “This new format allows us to sell video ad space on parts of the website where there isn’t any video content,” explains Daniel Grunt the director of FTV Prima online regarding his expectations and adds: “Video advertising has long been on the rise, and currently demand is growing faster than supply.”

R2B2 deals systematically with innovation in the programmatic advertising industry across all media types. They run the first experimental platform to sell print advertisements programmatically. They also focus on the use of programmatics on television and in OOH environments. On 24 May 2016 R2B2 will hold the first programmatic meeting in the Czech Republic – Programmatic Day.