Push 2 Play – another new programmatic format for TV

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The Czech companies R2B2 and Hybrid have introduced a new programmatic TV format called Push 2 Play. It’s a banner ad which displays a video at the press of a button. What makes it unique is that the viewer watches the video directly in the TV program after pressing the red button.

Push 2 Play is R2B2’s third programmatic HbbTV innovation this year. It’s a banner format that allows viewers to press the red button on their remote to play a video ad. The banner is accounted for because advertisers pay for banner impressions rather than for how many times the video is played. Until now, advertisers have been able to use banners that click through to microsites and pre-roll videos – videos that play before the content of the video library.

In comparison to pre-roll, the main advantage of the new format is the number of times it’s displayed. “Pre-roll can only be played from the video library, whereas Push 2 Play videos play directly in the broadcast and have the potential to reach a greater number of viewers”, points out Mottl, and he adds: “With classic banner ads, advertisers also had to count on additional costs for a microsite. Videos, however, are something that most advertisers already have for other online campaigns, thus there can be significant savings.”

Push 2 Play creates a whole new realm of possibilities for programmatic on HbbTV. “Imagine that viewers are watching a program about cars. At that moment the advertiser could catch their attention with a banner saying something like: ‘Would you like to see what the new BMW 5 Series looks like?’ The CTR of such well-crafted campaigns can be significantly higher than usual, and what’s more, viewers may not even consider it to be intrusive,” includes Mottl.

“The Push 2 Play format is ideal for presenting products in the actual TV broadcast. The viewer, who is drawn into the scenario, expects an interesting audio-visual ad as they are generally accustomed to. On the other side, for advertisers programmatic buying is an elegant solution for the distribution of marketing communication,” explains Lukáš Hnilička, CEO of the company Hybrid which is focused on the commercial use of HbbTV.