PubMatic and Ströer – new SSPs in the R2B2 network

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R2B2 has integrated two more programmatic ad platforms, PubMatic and Ströer. The company now connects to 13 programmatic networks and mediates demands for new ads with the participating partners.

PubMatic and Ströer – new SSPs in the R2B2 network

PubMatic, originally an Indian platform with its headquarters in California, has already been operating on the global programmatic market for more than 10 years. With ad demands amounting to more than 13 billion advertising bids per month, it is one of the largest in the world. Although PubMatic has been operating in the Czech Republic for several years, it has just now established a direct connection with the programmatic platform R2B2 AYM for the whole range of formats.

Ströer is a new programmatic technology that belongs to the major German OOH operator of the same name. It processes over 44 billion bid responses a month. Connecting to this source, whose scope has been rather local thus far, is important for R2B2 on a global scale because it covers the advertisers that operate in that region.

Although significant overlap exists between many of them, all 13 networks also offer unique ad demands. More demands generate more competition when auctioning ad space. “This might not be apparent when handling individual campaigns, but it makes a big difference if advertising space is sold 20% more efficiently throughout the year. Further expansion of the network, therefore, continues to be a priority for us, and it’s not a burden for publishers because we deploy new platforms centrally,” explains Jakub Janů, a data analyst for R2B2.

For new platforms, the advantage of working with R2B2 is that it covers the vast media market in a rational way. “We know how to connect all formats and all screen types. So, our partners gain full access to the whole market, not just part of it. We are ready to listen to the desires of our partners working in IT and for online publishers and TV stations and to continue to refine the programmatic network,” added Jakub Janů, when announcing the new partnerships.

What is R2B2 AYM?

R2B2 has a comprehensive solution for monetizing ad space. The R2B2 AYM cloud service delivers ad demands from several (SSP) sources. This means that participating publishers can capitalize on sales of ad space through all programmatic channels, whether it be for PPC or RTB ads.