Outstream video has up to 52% better viewability

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In the Czech Republic, five million advertisements per week are being played using the new online video ad format outstream. This volume has been reached within only a month of its availability.

Outstream is an alternative to instream video advertisements. With outstream ads, the video player running the ad appears directly in the body of the article as consumers read. When the ad finishes the entire player closes.

“On average, this format is sold 28.4% of the time, and the average CTR is 0.82%. Furthermore, according to international research the same ad in outstream format is observed about 25% longer than in instream displays. In our opinion, it’s also easier for consumers to tolerate as it can be closed immediately,” says Stanislav Mottl, Sales Manager for the Czech technology company R2B2.

“In our advertising campaign for Alpine Pro, 57% of outstream impressions were viewed to completion, which was a 52% improvement over instream. We consider these to be very favorable results. The other metrics (CTR, CPM) were similar,” added Mottl.

Outstream advertising on Czech domains is primarily available through the Adform demand-side platform as inventory of R2B2 Video & Branding. Advertisers can use the same creative as they would for purchasing instream videos. Additionally, the advertiser has the option to target only the outstream position or, conversely, to leave it out. The outstream inventory will continue to be expanded.

R2B2 deals systematically with innovation in the programmatic advertising industry across all media types. They run the first platform to sell print advertisements programmatically. They also focus on the use of programmatics on television and in OOH environments. On 24 May 2016 R2B2 will hold the first programmatic meeting in the Czech Republic – Programmatic Day.