One standardized programmatic takeover skin for Czech publishers

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The rapidly evolving Czech programmatic ecosystem now includes a standardized version of the largest web banner format. It is being offered by all major publishers and networks.

One standardized programmatic takeover skin for Czech publishers

The largest online publisher in the Czech Republic and Central Europe,, has launched a standardized takeover skin format to unify the technical specifications of the largest Czech publishers for the 2000 x 1400 pixel format. This will save all publishers and creative agencies a lot of work., after introducing a market standard on, is expanding the portfolio of websites involved. From, the websites,,, and will be included, which reach 65% of the Czech Internet population. If we count all the publishers that already use the format, that is 90% of the Czech Internet population.

“I’m delighted that we have succeeded in unifying the entire Czech market with a standardized programmatic takeover skin format. This is the new Czech market standard for the largest web banner format. Since the unification, we have been able to promise better targeting options for a key ad format for Czech advertisers.” says Ondřej Krišica, director of advertising at

10 of the TOP10 Czech online agencies buy the largest web banner format, the programmatic takeover skin, in the Czech Republic. Thanks to early standardization already in 2015, this format was incorporated into the typical programmatic selection early on. “It’s very convenient for advertisers, who only need to make one big creative in order to interact with most of the local online population with minimal production and organizational costs,” says Martin Čelikovský, CEO of R2B2, which designed and launched the standardized format on the market in 2015. Since then, the format has been used, with minor adjustments, by most Czech networks and major publishers.

The format is the only banner with the dimensions of 2000 x 1400 pixels that can be bought on the DSP. It is easy to grasp, both for making creatives and for integration on the side of the buyer. On the publisher’s side, the skin is integrated as a background for the entire website. “This solution makes it possible to use rich media, dynamic elements, and videos directly in the skin,” describes Kamil Foltin, CTO of R2B2, regarding the benefits of the format.

Although the programmatic takeover skin is primarily intended for increasing brand awareness, it has also produced good results with prolonged use, even in performance metrics. For example, the CTR has long remained over 1%, and thanks to the further use of sophisticated DSP targeting, it delivers quality visits and conversion values.