Now even the biggest banners can be bought programmatically on HbbTV

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The Czech ad-tech company R2B2, in cooperation with Hybrid, has added to R2B2 Multiscreen, their programmatic network, the newest and largest banner format that can be used on HbbTV - the XXL Banner.

Now even the biggest banners can be bought programmatically on HbbTV

It is an L-shaped banner anchored to the bottom-left corner of the screen. The ad is displayed for 10 seconds and reduces the program being broadcast by 25%. This means that the XXL Banner offers ample space for creatives. The format, thanks to its size on TV screens, is practically impossible to overlook.

Banner formats are the most popular on programmatic HbbTV in the Czech Republic. XXL Banners can be ranked alongside formats such as the TV Banner, Push 2 Play, and the recently introduced Big Banner.

“According to the latest release of the programmatic ad benchmark for the Czech Republic known as the RTB Index, the CTR of banner formats has reached nearly 3%. And with interesting creatives and the use of retargeting, campaigns are reaching a CTR of between 4 and 5 percent, which is a significantly higher rate than the average display campaign on the Internet,” says Aleš Sekanina from R2B2.

Investment in programmatic HbbTV advertising is increasing dramatically. “In October of this year, investments were three times greater than those at the same time last year. Advertisers are starting to regularly include this advertising channel in their online campaigns,” adds Sekanina.