More publishers are joining the R2B2 programmatic network in Slovakia

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The R2B2 digital ad network is expanding to include more Slovak publishers., KOŠICE:DNES, and StartItUp have recently joined its programmatic ad network. And what’s more, R2B2 has also added more banner and video formats to its portfolio.

More publishers are joining the R2B2 programmatic network in Slovakia

Programmatic ad sales, which within the last year have made it to Slovakia and to TV, are continuing to gain ground. R2B2, which runs a digital ad network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, has recently added more partners to its network. The publishers it has added are, KOŠICE:DNES, and StartItUp.

Now, all of its publishers offer banner formats, including Mobile Skins, which can be bought programmatically. Additionally, StartItUp has added the Outstream video format, and has added the Instream video format. The latter company has clear goals in mind. “We are offering ad space programmatically with the goals of automation, higher returns, and higher campaign performance for those that advertise on our website portfolio,” explains Peter Minárik, Traffic & Programmatic Manager at Minárik comments further on their decision to work with R2B2: “We view R2B2 as the market leader in programmatic advertising in the Czech Republic, and we believe that their extensive experience will help us monetize our inventories even more and bring advertisers more added value.”

In addition to adding new publishers, R2B2 has also expanded its portfolio of formats. “Now we have deployed all the banner formats, including premium formats such as Takeover Skins. This is also the case with mobile. Furthermore, we offer Outstream videos, which are displayed directly in the website text so visitors are more likely to interact. Video ads are popular in Slovakia, which should help Outstream achieve higher CTRs,” says Michal Dvořáček, Publisher Manager at R2B2.

R2B2 has been running its ad network in Slovakia since 2017. So far, it has offered ad space on 7 publishers and Markíza’s three TV stations, Markíza, Doma, and Dajto, on HbbTV.

“Slovakia is an important market for us and we see great potential here. We are glad that we have been successful in acquiring valuable partners and publishers here,” adds Dvořáček.