Mobile Vignettes yield surprising results

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The newest addition to R2B2’s selection of standard programmatic formats immediately, in the first days it was available, surprised everyone with its exceptional results.

Mobile Vignettes yield surprising results

Mobile Vignettes, as the format is called, have been for sale since June for digital media connected to the pilot program. The number of impressions available is sufficient even for extensive campaigns.

Vignettes can be presented as additional content inserted between web pages. They appear when the visitor clicks to move from one page to the next. Of course, if the visitor is interested, it is possible to jump directly to the campaign destination page.

Although such formats are anticipated to be highly efficient, the values recorded during the first months of operation are still surprising. According to a study conducted by Taste Sun, the CTR for Mobile Vignettes reached over 10%, even while maintaining standard quality parameters (such as bounce rate). Taste Sun recommends using Mobile Vignettes in acquisition campaigns because of their specific features.

Vignettes display across the entire mobile screen and, therefore, get the viewer’s undivided attention.

With programmatic buying, this format can be directly connected to any kind of campaign and target viewers based on a wide range of data.

And the new format has yet another pleasant surprise for publishers. “Vignettes perform very well as soon as they’re deployed, which certainly hasn’t been the norm with other new formats. This is because of the advanced RTB ecosystem that’s been built here over the last several years,” says František Bauma, Head of Product Development at R2B2.