Mobile Vignettes fulfill expectations

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The latest addition to our programmatic formats has confirmed its performance after four months of operation. Mobile Vignettes are fully prepared for the onslaught of the main advertising season.

Mobile Vignettes fulfill expectations

The new format was introduced this summer, and since then, it has maintained a high level of interaction, which can no longer be attributed solely to the initial curiosity of users.

Compared to August, when the agency Taste Sun published a study reporting that the CTR for Mobile Vignettes was 10.5%, the CTR has risen by an additional 0.3% on average. For a 100,000 CZK ad campaign, this would be a free bonus of approximately 1,500 clicks.

The visibility of Mobile Vignettes has consistently fluctuated at around 99%, according to R2B2’s measurements. According to the Adform SSP, the average is 90%.

“Despite high demand, we have been able to sufficiently expand the available space thus far,” comments František Bauma, Head of Product Development at R2B2. “However, we are also focusing our efforts on further optimization because even though it may sound unlikely, there is still room for improvement. Additionally, we are concentrating on user experience, which is good to keep in mind with such a bold format,” adds František Bauma.

In November, R2B2 plans to offer 1 million click-through ads and approximately 10 million ad impressions for this new format.

Mobile Vignettes can be thought of as additional content that is inserted between web pages. Visitors see them when they click to move from one page to the next. If the visitor is interested, it is, of course, possible to jump directly to the campaign destination page. Vignettes display across the entire mobile screen and, therefore, get the viewer’s undivided attention.