Interscroller has become the best selling mobile format in the R2B2 network

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Interscroller was introduced by R2B2 at the end of June 2018. After only five months, the number of impressions sold has already soared past Mobile Skins, which was previously the best selling mobile format.

Interscroller has become the best selling mobile format in the R2B2 network

The number of RTB ads targeted at mobile users has doubled year-on-year. This has also been the case on R2B2 Multiscreen, where today mobile advertising can be done via banners, native ads, video ads, or purely mobile formats such as Mobile Skins and Interscroller. The last of these, less than half a year from its launch, has become more popular than Mobile Skins.

František Bauma from R2B2 explains why this is: “Interscroller stands out more than any of our other formats for mobile devices. Its parameters are so advantageous for advertisers that even though there are 120 million ad impressions available, which is roughly a third less than what’s available for Mobile Skins, it has become our best selling mobile format.”

Advertisers who programmatically buy ad space on R2B2’s network don’t mind the fact that this format is on average 35–40% more expensive than the aforementioned Mobile Skins, according to the RTB Index. “Prices for Interscroller are on average more than a third higher, but in return, the advertiser gets an ad space that covers almost the entire mobile screen, where ad messages are much more successful,” explains Bauma. Another reason this format has done so well in our network is that it is easy to prepare. Advertisers buy Interscroller from us in the form of an image or HTML5 code, so the properties are the same as for banners. No specific template or generator is needed,” adds R2B2’s project manager.

At the end of November, mobile ads made up 35% of all online ad space on R2B2’s network, which was a 40% increase from last year.