R2B2 AYM Demand Partner Certification

Let’s do RTB on HbbTV. R2B2 is certifying new demand partners.

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Certified demand partners get

  • Real time bidding in open auctions and via deal IDs
  • Videos and Banners in 5 standardized formats
  • Fast-growing HbbTV ad exchange (1 million HbbTV devices in CEE)


R2B2 will take care of

  • Dynamic ad insertion
  • Client-side auctions
  • Format standardization
  • Open inventory expansion
  • HbbTV compatibility
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Requirements for HbbTV partners are

  • Header bidding support
  • Creatives must be placed directly into the bid response instead of JavaScript
  • Manual and automatic creative approval


We prefer partners who

  • Allow statistics downloads via API on a daily basis
  • Have online graphical user interfaces
  • Provide technical documentation for integration into our system
  • Can create a demo account for us to do integration testing
  • Offer technical support on working days
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Become an R2B2 demand partner in 2018

Does your system:
Support header biddingProvide data via APIAllow manual approval of creatives