HbbTV programmatic advertising explodes in Czech Republic

, R2B2 in the media

Sales of programmatic advertising on HbbTV are growing by around 300% year-on-year in the Czech Republic, according to Lukas Hnlicka from Hybrid. HbbTV programmatic advertising explodes in Czech Republic

In a summary of the second annual Programmatic Day conference provided to Broadband TV News, it is noted that the Czech Republic has consolidated its position as the European leader in HbbTV, with the country’s top TV stations having already used programmatic advertising on HbbTV in combination with linear broadcasting for nearly two years.

The hot topic of discussion is still the price of HbbTV ads compared to classic television ones. As a result, R2B2, the Czech leader in programmatic ad sales, has supplemented its regular benchmark, the RTB Index, with prices of programmatic advertising on HbbTV. In April 2017, TV banners on HbbTV reached a CTR of 2.31% and were sold at an average CPM of €16.53…