TV Banners

Universal ad format on HbbTV that comes in two sizes

  • Displayed across the width of the entire screen
  • On 60″ TVs, Banners have a width of 71cm, Big Banners 121cm
  • Easy to make
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Online campaign management in one place and in real time
  • Instant statistics
  • Viewers can click through to a TV app


The TV Banner was the first format available for TV ads on HbbTV. And now it is possible to choose from two sizes—Banner or Big Banner. With the larger format, Big Banner, the advertising message can stretch across the entire width of the screen.

When advanced targeting options are used, the advertising message reaches the desired audience and thus increases the conversion rate. The statistics provided make it easier to manage the TV advertising campaign.

Just as with other TV formats, the TV Banner can be linked to an advertising app on HbbTV.

Download media kit for TV Banners


Make your own Banner and Big Banner creatives according to the technical requirements. In the case of Big Banners, the image may be cropped on TVs that are too small or have low resolution. Therefore, we recommend placing the main message in the middle of the banner so that it will appear even after the banner has been cropped. See the technical specifications.

To properly display banners of both sizes on HbbTV, please use inventory for R2B2 HbbTV. Once the banner is uploaded, it goes through the R2B2 approval process.

Why do creatives for HbbTV have to be approved?

HbbTV ads are displayed on TV screens where ad content is subject to the advertising code of ethics. Thus, we are required to uphold the code and are responsible for all ad content that is put on TV through our ad network.

Technical specifications

  • Data size up to 250 kB for JPG and PNG, 100 kB for animated GIF
  • Formats – JPG, PNG, GIF
  • Can be bought via Adform DSP (R2B2 HbbTV inventory)


  • Creative dimensions – 750×100 px
  • TV stations available – Óčko, Óčko Star, TV Šlágr, Prima, Prima Cool, Prima Love, Prima Max, Prima Zoom, Retro Music TV, Markíza, Dajto, Doma

Big Banner

  • Creative dimensions – 1280×200 px (crops to 1152×164 px)
  • TV stations available – Óčko, Óčko Star, TV Šlágr, Retro Music TV, Markíza, Dajto, Doma

Case studies

UPC Broadband Slovakia was the first company in Slovakia to programmatically buy ad space on HbbTV together with an interactive ad app for a campaign.

Vertical Entertainment, a film distribution company, releases an average of 30 to 40 films per year. Together with InsiderMedia, they decided to promote selected films using the largest screens in the home, namely TV.