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R2B2 s.r.o. is an independent Czech technology company based in Prague. We do business in the field of modern ad tech – in the field known as programmatic advertising.

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Programmatic advertising is founded on the principle of the global interconnection of screens, media, and advertisers into one single ecosystem. Its reach mimics the global spread of the Internet which has penetrated devices of all kinds. It makes it possible to launch real-time ad campaigns across continents, target ads to individual recipients, and remove procedural barriers.

Read more about programmatic advertising (real-time bidding) on Wikipedia.

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Pushing the borders of programmatic

R2B2 functions in the programmatic ecosystem as an ad network that reaches all screens—TVs, computers, and mobile devices. The importance of this network lies in the consolidation of ad space and the standardization of procedures and formats for all types of screens. We place great emphasis on the intelligent and sustainable interconnection between online ads and TV. We have nearly two years of successful operation behind us as well as several Czech and one global first in the field of ad innovation.

The R2B2 network reaches around 90% of traditional online devices and around 20%–25% of households via addressable TVs.

The team behind R2B2 has been doing work in the field of automation since 2006. Our technology company emerged from the inspirational environment at the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT), with which it has had a close connection thus far. ČVUT graduates and students make up 70% of our team.

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The Czech ad-tech company R2B2 won at the very first prestigious international HbbTV Awards organized by the worldwide association for HbbTV.

The product that was successfully nominated was the R2B2 AYM header bidding solution, which can link demand for programmatic advertising to, among other things, HbbTV. This technology currently operates on eight TV stations. The judges considered R2B2 AYM to be “very innovative” and “an interesting business model”.

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