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Easy to connect to, advanced technologies, and a wide range of formats. Programmatic advertising from R2B2 looks after your profits.

Connecting to the network

Connecting to the R2B2 network gives you access to the largest number of ad sources available in one place, plus optimum solutions for your ad space. All quick and easy.

How to connect to the R2B2 network
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Ad formats

All online ad formats are available for your ad space, whether for the desktop or mobile version of your website or even for TV. Generate income via ad messages on banners, Native Ads, video ads, Takeover Skins, Mobile Skins, and other formats.

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Yield management

Placing programmatic ads on your ad space is only the first step. The next is managing and optimizing it. R2B2 helps you optimize each ad position so that the profit from each impression sold is as high as possible.

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Header bidding

Header bidding is an efficient method of selling ad space programmatically. It allows you to offer ad space to several sources of ad demands at the same time so that you can earn higher profits.

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Why choose R2B2

R2B2 looks after the programmatic sale of all your ad space using RTB, PPC, and even your own direct ad sources. Thanks to our extensive experience and innovations in automating ad formats and connecting programmatic advertising to TV, R2B2 is at the top of the advertising market. More than 70 Czech and Slovak publishers and national TV stations rely on R2B2’s work.

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