Header bidding

Header bidding is a method of integrating automated ad sources (supply-side platforms) with media space. In practice, it organizes the fast and efficient use of ad space and maximizes profit. You get all this with header bidding from R2B2.

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Why choose header bidding

With header bidding, each ad impression can be sold in a separate auction, even across a variety of ad sources (including direct). Header bidding from R2B2 does not place any infrastructure or staffing burdens on the publisher.

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How it works

On the website (in the ad server), only one code needs to be deployed for each ad position—the code for R2B2. It contains both the ad sources that R2B2 uses for programmatic demands and the publisher’s direct sources.

In the first stage, header bidding takes place on all channels (direct and integrated) that support header bidding. In the second stage, a cascade of all channels (direct and integrated) that do not support header bidding can be built for maximum monetization of the ad space.

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A solution for everyone

For those who are not using header bidding yet, R2B2 has its own solution. If you already have another header bidding solution (such as Prebid), it is possible to connect ad demands from R2B2 to it.

If you are interested in our solutions or connecting to our ad sources, contact us at partner@r2b2.cz.

Email us at partner@r2b2.cz
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