Connection to the R2B2 network

R2B2 has a comprehensive solution for monetizing your ad space. The cloud service R2B2 AYM ensures ad demands directly from several (SSP) sources. This means that you can profit from the sale of ad space from all programmatic channels, whether it be from PPC or RTB ads.

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Who is the R2B2 network suitable for?

R2B2 generally manages the programmatic sale of ad space for websites reaching at least 500,000 pageviews per month. The R2B2 portfolio includes a wide spectrum of websites—from big information portals and digital magazines to topical and niche websites.

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Implementing ad codes

When deploying ad codes, R2B2 AYM meets your needs in every situation. Above all, we understand all ad servers. And you can fully rely on it, even for header bidding. For example, if you already use an open-source solution (Prebid, etc.), R2B2 AYM is compatible with it. If you don’t have your own header bidding, you can implement the one from R2B2. And if you don’t need an ad server or header bidding, you can deploy ad codes from R2B2 through a content management system or Google Tag Manager or deploy them directly into the website code.

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Taking the first step toward profit

Wondering where to start? Call or write to us at R2B2’s specialists will work with you to find the optimum solution regarding ad formats and their distribution across the web so that they generate sufficient profit without an ad density that discourages visitors.

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SSPs available

The R2B2 network is connected to many SSPs such as Adform, Criteo, Doubleclick, iBillboard, Sklik, AppNexus, Teads, Smart AdServer, ConnectAd, PubMatic, Ströer, and more. The cloud service R2B2 AYM delivers all ad demands. All using just one service, without having to look for additional partners.

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