Takeover Skins

The largest banner format in online advertising


Programmatic Takeover Skins stand out more than any other banner format. Their dimensions and position on websites have made them impossible to overlook. The use of rich media draws more attention, thus amplifying the effect of the advertising message. Takeover Skins have standardized dimensions (2000x1400px) which can be used on all websites in the R2B2 Multiscreen network.

Download media kit


Make your own R2B2 Takeover Skin creative using any graphic editor, without a generator. When making a Takeover Skin creative, it is important to keep in mind that the data size of the image must always be less than 350 kB. If your creative is bigger, we recommend using TinyPNG that compresses images by up to 70% without a visible loss in quality. The HTML version is limited to 450 kB.


Technical specifications

  • 2000×1400 px (because your creative will be a background to the website content, we recommend you check the creative using the template)
  • Formats - JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML5
  • Data size up to 350 kB for images and 450 kB for HTML
  • Can be bought via Adform DSP (R2B2 Premium Online inventory), Google Marketing Platform (DoubleClick Bid Manager), and AppNexus