Alternative type of TV ad on HbbTV with targeting, tracking, and management in real time


A premium format on HbbTV which is a direct alternative to classic TV ads. It is a video ad that automatically plays when viewers switch channels.

With campaign management in one place and in real time, the advertiser has an instant overview of the progress and performance of campaigns and advertising messages. Thanks to online statistics, all the important metrics are immediately available. Advertisers can see how many viewers have watched their ads and for how long. Additionally, they know how many people have skipped their ads as well as how many have used them to get to the advertiser’s advertising app. Being able to just click through to the advertising app is new for this format.

Another element for greater efficiency is the opportunity to utilize several types of targeting, including content targeting. This creates ideal conditions for better reach and increased effectiveness of the advertising message.

Download media kit


Make your own video according to the required technical specifications. Then upload it to the Adform DSP. To properly run the ad on HbbTV, it is necessary to select inventory for R2B2 HbbTV. After you have uploaded the video to this inventory, please send the video to us at partner@r2b2.cz for approval.

Why do creatives for HbbTV have to be approved?

HbbTV ads are displayed on TV screens where ad content is subject to the advertising code of ethics. Thus, we are required to uphold the code and are responsible for all ad content that is put on TV through our ad network.

Technical specifications

  • Data size up to 20 MB
  • Video formats – MP4, WEBM
  • AAC 48 kHz, max. 16.5 dB
  • Maximum video length – 40 seconds
  • Can be bought via Adform DSP (R2B2 HbbTV inventory)

Creative dimensions

  • HD 1280×720 px, bitrate min. 1500

TV stations available

Óčko, Óčko Star, TV Šlágr, Retro Music TV, Markíza, Dajto, Doma