Native Ads

The most natural form of online advertising


Native Ads combine the advantages of programmatic advertising with those of PR articles. They look like organic content and can only be recognized by their labels. The more the lead resembles the usual introductory text to an article and the image fits in with the other pictures on the platform, the better the results that can be expected. The link to the editorial content gives them credibility. Unlike organic content, Native Ads click through directly to the advertiser’s website where readers will find more content that appropriately builds on, completes, or expands on the topic of the Native Ad.

Native Ads always consist of a headline, an image, and a short text. The number of characters and image size are limited due to their placement among organic content. This ensures that the ads will blend in with their surroundings as intended.


R2B2 has the unique advantage of SuperNative (so-called pixel perfect). These ads can be precisely customized for each individual website. This is accomplished by inserting multiple texts and images of various sizes into one ad template. R2B2’s automated system then selects the most appropriately sized text and image for each website where the ad is displayed.


Prepare your own images and texts, in three sizes, according to the required technical specifications. To properly upload the creatives to the Adform DSP, please contact us and we will help you.

We offer several different templates based on the number of headline-lead combinations. You can read about how to combine these texts in our guide to designing creatives.

Technical specifications

Ideally, Native Ads should have several texts of varying lengths (further referred to as leads) and images of various dimensions. Each template should contain at least one headline, one lead, and one image. The template can also include a CTA (such as “Read more”).

Headlines and leads

Recommended combinations:

  • title: 80 characters, lead: 110 characters
  • title: 75 characters, lead: 160 characters
  • title: 40 characters, lead: 100 characters
  • title: 50 characters, lead: 55 characters
  • title: 60 characters, lead: 130 characters

With R2B2 you can choose your own combination of text elements, including CTAs. The maximum number of parameters allowed is ten.


  • Recommended image dimensions – 252×189, 300×200, and 320×180 px
  • Image data size up to 50kB
  • Formats – JPG, PNG

When images are submitted in three sizes, ads can be better tailored for specific media content in the R2B2 network. If you want to upload an image of other dimensions, go to resizing and adjust the size of the image to the one that the system determines is most suitable.

As is true of images, is also true of texts: it is possible to choose a precise size/length when targeting a particular website or position, and thus achieve a more native display.

  • Can be bought via Adform DSP (R2B2 Premium Online inventory)