The most popular type of online video ad is now available on TV


Instream ads run on videos served on the Internet as well as on HbbTV. There are three ways of displaying them. The first is Pre-Roll, where the video ad plays before the selected content. This is the most familiar type of online video ad. Additionally, there is Mid-Roll, where the video ad plays in the midst of the selected content. And last but not least is Post-Roll, where the video ad plays after the selected content.

Thanks to the technological innovations of R2B2, the Pre-Roll format can be bought programmatically in the HbbTV environment, specifically, in the video archives for individual TV stations. The ads get to viewers who watch the video content on their TVs.


Make your own video according to the required technical specifications. Then upload it to the Adform DSP. To use the Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, or Post-Roll format on HbbTV, you need to select inventory for R2B2 HbbTV. After you have uploaded the video to this inventory, please send the video to us at for approval.

Why do creatives for HbbTV have to be approved?

HbbTV ads are displayed on TV screens where ad content is subject to the advertising code of ethics. Thus, we are required to uphold the code and are responsible for all ad content that is put on TV through our ad network.

Technical specifications

  • Data size up to 20 MB
  • Video formats – MP4, WEBM
  • AAC 48 kHz, max. 16.5 dB
  • Maximum video length - 2:40 minutes for the Internet, 0:35 minutes for HbbTV
  • Can be bought via Adform DSP (R2B2 Premium Online inventory), Google Marketing Platform (DoubleClick Bid Manager), AppNexus, and 4Finance
  • Instream on HbbTV can be bought via Adform DSP (R2B2 HbbTV inventory)

Creative dimensions

  • HD 1280×720 px (Internet, HbbTV)
  • Full HD 1920×1080 px (Internet)

TV stations available for Instream

Óčko, TV Šlágr