For advertisers

Programmatic advertising has gradually spread from computers to mobile devices and even to TV. Access all formats and precision targeting, and reach the entire Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Why choose R2B2

R2B2’s advertising network of almost 80 publishers provides extensive reach and the ability to advertise on computer, mobile, and TV screens. Programmatic ad buying lets you advertise immediately and manage your own campaigns. You can access all ad formats, advanced targeting, instant statistics, and instant campaign results.

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How to advertise on the R2B2 network

Plan campaigns, buy ad space, and target, optimize, and manage everything all in one place—all via the demand-side platform.

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Ad formats

On R2B2, advertisers have access to all ad formats for branding campaigns, storytelling, and efficient performance-based campaigns.

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R2B2’s large selection of targeting options allows you to address the right audiences and achieve better campaign results.

How to target the right audience
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HbbTV advertising

Reach TV viewers via R2B2. Just as with online advertising, you can direct and optimize campaigns in real time.

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Media partners

The top Czech and Slovak media companies and TV stations collaborate with R2B2. Thanks to them, we can offer attractive ad placements via cutting-edge technology.

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Guide to the world of RTB advertising

Formats, targeting, practical procedures, and other important information. Find it all in one guide that simply and clearly shows you the possibilities of modern online advertising.

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