Five billion impressions sold programmatically via the R2B2 network in the first half of 2018

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The R2B2 programmatic network sold 5 billion display ad impressions the first half of this year. R2B2’s expansion to more programmatic supply-side platforms and more publishers contributed to the large quantity.

Five billion impressions sold programmatically via the R2B2 network in the first half of 2018

The Czech ad tech company R2B2 has managed to expand their portfolio of publishers offering ad space to be sold programmatically and the number of SSPs through which that ad space can be sold. Now they cooperate with eight SSPs, which integrate the more than 100 DSPs connected to them. “Each of these SSPs is a bit different, so the network attracts a wide spectrum of digital advertisers, not only the largest ones but also small advertisers. The network incorporates both digital and traditional agencies, those who launch performance and brand campaigns, and even those who operate globally,” says R2B2 CEO Martin Čelikovský.

By expanding to additional SSPs, R2B2 has allowed publishers to monetize their ad space through more sources with different types of ads. “We want to help publishers earn money from ad sales in the easiest way possible through the greatest variety of channels. We see that as the power of programmatic and a simpler approach to monetizing websites,” explains Čelikovský.

At the moment, the R2B2 network facilitates programmatic sales for more than 60 publishers of at least 400 websites throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. “Dealing with such a large amount of ad space places great demands on maintenance and automation. We provide publishers with central online reporting, implementation without them having to do any development themselves, and an automated surveillance center that monitors all ad positions and their monetization,” adds František Bauma, product manager at R2B2.