Earnings on ad placements are on the rise, auction sales are getting stronger

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The revenue per unit on internet ad placements sold at auction during high season has risen by more than 50%. The dramatic growth in performance has impacted both large and specialized publishers. The auctioning of ad space is receiving strong support from publishers.

Earnings on ad placements are on the rise, auction sales are getting stronger

Czech ad positions sold at auction this November earned 57% more than in August. Growth has varied from publisher to publisher but on average has reached both large media groups and smaller specialized publishers. The main reason for this growth is an increase in the average sales price, but the continued optimization of sales and performance have also played a role. Thanks to the auctions and the broad connection to advertising ecosystems, price increases almost immediately reverberate across the entire market. Publishers can respond by increasing their asking prices or making additional optimizations.

Auctions, which first of all ensure the rational sale of ad space, also help with mapping the market and, last but not least, with pricing. And this is especially true if internal sales channels are also involved.

The growing use of individual ad technologies has also fueled the rise in earnings. In practice, auctions are more and more frequently connecting the right advertiser to the right recipient at the right moment, making the system increasingly more efficient.

The unit revenue per internet ad placement (aka the rCPM) is a metric that shows how much money an ad space earns over a period of time. The metric is averaged per thousand impressions per ad position. Different ad positions have different values and, therefore, the rCPM for individual positions and publishers also differs.

“The earnings of ad positions are evaluated on a daily basis. Likewise, optimization measures are prioritized on a daily basis, but the longer-term effect is always considered,” says Martin Mohl, Yield Manager at R2B2, when describing the practical use of rCPM metrics. “The current measurements show that in the first days of December average earnings rose by 70%,” adds Martin Mohl.