Czechs win at very first international HbbTV Awards

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The Czech ad-tech company R2B2 has won at the very first prestigious international HbbTV Awards organized by the worldwide association for HbbTV. This success was based on their cooperation with Hybrid Ads, general partner of R2B2.

Czechs win at very first international HbbTV Awards

The award ceremony was held on Tuesday, October 17, during the HbbTV Symposia at the Auditorium Antonianum conference center in Rome. R2B2 took the prize in the category Best Use of HbbTV for Advertising and Promotion.

The product that was successfully nominated was the R2B2 AYM header bidding solution, which can link demand for programmatic advertising to, among other things, HbbTV. This technology currently operates on eight TV stations. Hybrid, R2B2’s general partner, took part in this joint project.

In response to the victory, managing directors Martin Čelikovský and Kamil Foltin exclaimed: “We really didn’t think our nomination would amount to a win, so it is a huge surprise for us. Our joy is mixed with wonder. It’s a great feeling because this international HbbTV Award was awarded for the very first time.”

R2B2 AYM was considered by the judging panel to be ‘very innovative’ and ‘an interesting business model’.

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