Criteo Connects to the R2B2 Network

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The Czech ad-tech company R2B2 has connected with the global leader in dynamic retargeting, Criteo, which delivers personalized ads to 90 countries.

Clients using Criteo dynamic retargeting will gain access to the premium content of the R2B2 network that offers a reach of up to 1 billion impressions per month. The main format for retargeting through the R2B2 network will be native advertising.

“Retargeting is primarily displayed via banner ads. These ads, as we know, suffer as a result of so-called banner blindness. Native advertsing, on the other hand, is more natural for consumers of website content and fits exactly into the context they are focused on. Additionally, with the new improved native advertising formats from R2B2, the placements are almost indistinguishable from classic content,” says Martin Čelikovský from R2B2.

Another format that will be used for retargeting campaigns is so-called semi-native banners. “That would be, for example, a banner of 300x600px with dynamic native advertising,” says Čelikovský.

This connection will benefit from Criteo’s very advanced retargeting technology and from R2B2’s advantageous coverage of the Czech Internet. “Advertisers who use Criteo’s retargeting services will automatically have access to the R2B2 network, which once again moves Criteo forward,” adds Čelikovský.

Criteo is a global leader and technological innovator in internet remarketing, thus personalized ads. It is used by nearly 1 million websites around the world. In the Czech Republic it is used by companies such as Mall, Tchibo, Invia, and Toyota.

R2B2 is a Czech technology company that develops and administers solutions for programmatic ad buying. R2B2’s RTB portfolio consists of portals such as,,,,, and many more.