Buy branded skins programmatically with R2B2

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The development of programmatic ad sales in the Czech Republic is leaping forward. The last major gap in the programmatic formats available has now been filled by the Czech technology company R2B2.

Their skins, advertisements inserted as website backgrounds, are now available via Adform. “The advertising industry is clearly on the road to automation. In western economies this trend is already fully apparent. Programmatic buying is growing not only because the transactions are fast and convenient, but also due to its effectiveness in the use and application of data,” says Stanislav Mottl of R2B2.

In the Czech Republic, the format known as a skin is very popular and is a mandatory part of every major online campaign. What makes it special is its nearly 100% visibility, the prestige associated with the visual connection to premium websites, and the generous amount of space for the advertisement.

In connection with programmatics, skins become even more attractive. “The advertiser gets all the powerful tools for targeting and is able to brand only the websites that will reach his target audience, thereby saving on resources for advertising. Additionally, they continue to have control over the campaign as it is running,” states Mottl regarding the most important arguments for the use of the new format.

The new format was first tested by the digital agency Adexpres. “We believe that this format will help us expand the capabilities of programmatic ad buying for our clients, especially in campaigns focused on brand and reach. It’s one of many improvements which we have managed to implement this year,” says Petr Jahn, Strategic Director of Adexpres.

Website skins can be bought programmatically for the first time using the online marketplace Adform. “Together with R2B2 we prepared a very simple procedure for deployment on Adform DSP which is identical to the procedure for standard display banner deployment. The offer displayed is implemented via Adform SSP,” adds Ondřej Bartůněk, manager of the partner program for Adform Czech Republic.

According to eMarketer, the programmatic piece of the pie is growing quickly. From year to year they reportedly have recorded increases of more than 5 billion dollars. “The big advantage is that programmatic systems quickly get some traditional television video inventory on the Internet while still getting large quantities of advertising time. So in practice, programmatic buying is more attractive,” explains Mottl who envisions that skins, in addition to videos, could become a core programmatic format in 2016. “The potential for programmatic reach is thereby rapidly growing, which is good news for the entire industry,” adds Mottl.